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DAILY TITAN: Candidates Speak On Orange County’s Local Issues

Title: Candidates Speak On Orange County’s Local Issues
Date: October 28, 2018

“Cal State Fullerton president Fram Virjee welcomed mayors Tim Shaw of La Habra and Doug Chaffee of Fullerton on Thursday for a forum about their race to win the Orange County 4th Supervisorial District seat.

…The meeting was moderated by Dr. Stephen Stambough, a professor of political science at CSUF.

“The purpose of this (forum) provides students and members of the community an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the candidates for the upcoming election to help determine who best represents their needs and their interests,” Stambough said.

…Shaw is in favor of supportive housing units for people who are homeless and the institutionalization of those in severe mental health conditions.

“Mentally ill individuals do end up on the streets. They need that housing provided for them. The approach I agree with is ‘housing first,’ getting people into that housing situation. That’s where we can begin the treatment,” Shaw said.

…Shaw expects to be the chairman of the Orange County Transportation Authority board of directors regardless of the outcome of the election, and aims to make transportation one of his top priorities as a government official….”

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